www.mc21st.com, a professional website which provides the newest information in various aspects of mobile communications industry, was built by Mobile Communications National Engineering Research Center-MCNERC (MCNERC was implemented under the leading of State Development and Reform Commission, administrated by Ministry of Information Industry and founded by No. 7th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation) in July 2000 and acquired license from GuangDong Communications Administration (License No. B2-20050138).

 mc21st.com provides domestic and overseas news of mobile communications industry and comprehensive and in-depth information of state-of-the-art mobile communications technology, development trends and market information. mc21st.com serves as a business tool and information resource for enterprises in the industry to demonstrate company and their products and release information. mc21st.com also serves as a platform for individuals in the industry to communicate interactively and find information. After several-year-operation, mc21st.com has gained very high reputation and successfully attracted many professionals in mobile communications industry. 

 Most popular channel in mc21st.com is Asked Questions and Responded Answers in interests-based community-building channel. It is also the distinguishing feature of mc21st.com from other websites of the same kind. Many users upload data and information on mobile communications for sharing with others, ask questions they have and response answers they know. The channel becomes an interactive platform for users to communicate with others on mobile communications technology and information resource for solving questions and difficulties they have on mobile communications.

 mc21st.com has 8 main channels and over 30 sub-channels. The 8 main channels are news , technology and hot topicsl, interest-based community-building, handset, information sharing , enterprise e-solutions, service. The sub-channels cover range from industry news, market information and analysis, specifications and standards, news abstract, new products, technology focus, hot topics, technology lecture, communication magazine, handset news, handset purchase guideline, directory of enterprise and their products to recruitment etc.

Our mission is to provide the best platform for people to get information of various aspects on mobile communications industry and for people to efficiently and interactively communicate with others in the industry. To do this, we carefully listen to our users' needs and constantly make improvements to contents and services. We know that the success of the mc21st.com will depend on our focus on users need and wants.

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